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We are a team of brutally honest experts in digital marketing and advertising in Africa. As an innovative and dynamic Media and Marketing entity specializing in digital professional services through digital media, creative website design & development and digital marketing strategies, we have built strong relationships with our clients.

Imizamo Digital is a 100% female owned and black empowered company that is committed to the expansion and upliftment of all communities in South Africa especially the under privileged females.

5 Fresh Marketing Strategies Small Businesses

Your lead list is sick of the same old marketing messages. Any new prospects likely are as well. Your current marketing strategies, fruitful or not, are likely due for an upgrade.

Social Media Trends To Follow in 2018

Over a decade ago, the social media was an upcoming phenomenon that most people were unsure would last. Nowadays, we cannot imagine a world without the social media.



Media is where brand data and humanity meet. We will help you convert people into customers by first understanding your customer journey before co-ordinating a relevant and compelling brand experience across every channel and every touch point.


We don’t think out of the box because there is no box.
We encourage boundless thinking.
Our creatives enjoy the freedom to develop unconventional creative concepts and designs as they have a massive impact on how they make your customers feel.


We utilize meaningful insights that we use to inform your digital media strategy. We ensure robust media planning, campaign optimization and reporting effortlessly ties back to the brand strategy and KPIs.


Strategic social media includes engaging your audience with interactive content and community building activities that can better develop new brand loyalists. This should be primary to product push along side all brand content.


Our team develops content for marketing purposes and for social media engagement posts. Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.


We connect brands to local and global social movers including social publishers. Our network of social influencers and social publishers cover; sports, lifestyle, gaming, fashion, beauty, entertainment, technology and food to name a few in multiple languages.


Tech should be kept simple. Everything we do is built around a more meaningful user experience. Our process goes through 3 stages 1. Site Conception 2. Design Process 3. Technical Development.


We extend our knowledge to training. To assist you with better understanding on how media on social works or unpacking programmatic, Twitter or Google products for a small fee. This training is for anyone wanting to know more about Digital


Like the Caltex Fuel Your Drive success story. We help brands conceptualize competition solutions which we develop across various channels like Social, USSD and web integrated with media. We manage and maintain the entire campaign for you.


Our inhouse publications include:
Entertainment SA – 800 000 Monthly Impressions
Biznis Africa – 1,2 Million Monthly Impressions
Headlines Daily – 530 000 Monthly Impressions

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Our clients take care of us because we take care of them.

Imizamo Digital is a 100% female owned and black empowered company that is committed to the expansion and upliftment of all communities in South Africa especially the under privileged females.


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