Digital Media Strategy

Before the magic happens, before the creativity starts, we set out a clear digital media strategy for your advertising campaign. We call this our Actionable Strategy Philosophy. Actionable Strategy means we set clear goals, create practical objectives, and drive measurable performance.

The principles of our Actionable Strategy Philosophy are tried and tested, but  how we implement them is completely unique to each brand we work with. Our qualified team of strategists, creatives, and technical practitioners research your industry and draw on their  experience and knowledge to make evidence-based recommendations. This helps us create digital campaigns that are relevant to current trends and well-aligned with your business goals. We believe collaboration is the key to creating a successful campaign. That’s why we maintain an open flow of consultation with you throughout the media strategy process, through face-to-face or online communication. Our digital media strategies look at every aspect of a campaign, from research to results.


It all starts with a briefing. We discover your business objectives and discuss a budget. We then conduct industry market research and analyse your current media and marketing activities.


We extract insights from our research to start developing a strategy. We look at global best practise, customer and consumer behaviour, audience trends, and
platform adoption patterns.



We decide on campaign objectives, the target audience, and the messages to be used. From this we develop tailored tactics to be used across touchpoints. We make sure our strategy aligns with your greater business objectives.


We make recommendations on media channels, budget allocations, and media partnerships to be utilised. It’s here that we refine the finer points of the campaign too – writing ad copy and creating effective designs. We also set up tracking and define measures, so we can track performance right from the start.



We run everything by you and our quality checking department. This includes media roll-out strategies, creative and copy, and implementation methods.



The action starts here. While the campaign runs, we provide weekly status updates, continuously optimise, provide monthly and quarterly reports, and analyse the results at the conclusion of the campaign.